Bondage pornography specializes in the depiction of sexual bondage or BDSM activities as photographs, stories, movies, or drawings. In the 18th and 19th centuries, some European theologians and physicians described it as heinous, deplorable, and hideous, but during the 20th century, these taboos generally declined. In 1988, a sex tape caused significant damage to Rob Lowe career. While some fantasize about a giantess who is slightly taller than himself, others are interested in giantesses that are hundreds or even thousands of feet tall. Threesome or 3some pornography features one man and two women . Preggo pornography features pregnant performers and may include erotic lactation as a fetish. At the end of the evening the female partners would randomly select keys from the bowl and leave with that key owner. In general, as compared to conventional relationships, BDSM participants go to great lengths to negotiate the important aspects of their relationships in advance, and to take great care in learning about and following safe practices. Such documents have not been recognized as being legally binding, nor are they intended to be. The study also found that participants reacted positively to a much wider range of figures than a control group, even rating emaciated figures higher. Some people get sexual pleasure by inserting objects, such as urethral sounds, into the urethra , a practice known as urethral gay boy porn play or hentai videos sounding. The name was coined from the title of the controversial momsex book. New York photographer Irving Klaw also published illustrated adventure/bondage serials by fetish artists Eric Stanton, Gene Bilbrew, Adolfo Ruiz and others. Content featuring male bisexuality has been a growing trend since the advent of internet pornography. Mutual masturbation, mutual manual stimulation of the genitals between partners, can be a substitute for sexual penetration. Felching is a sexual practice involving the act of orally sucking semen out of the vagina or anus of one partner.

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